The employee time and attendance supervision system provides companies with a reliable and precise tool for supervising the attendance of employees at company owned sites in the field, construction sites, house visits.

The system is equipped with all of the tools a company requires to manage employees and track their attendance at different sites in real-time from any location and at any given moment.  The system allows for complete control over company owned locations, employees.

The system provides an accurate situation report at all times regarding employee attendance at requested sites, arrival and departure reports, alerts about absent employees, irregularities and so on, all in real-time.


System Application

The system is designed for any company or organization which has workers employed at field sites, without employee attendance tracking and management capabilities such as:

  • Construction companies - worker supervision and their attendance at work sites
  • Fixed field service providers such as elevator technicians involved in recurring maintenance checks
  • Health service supervision - tracking of medical nurses making regular house visits
  • Supervision of disability caregivers making regular visits


System Settings

All system settings are set up once on the Patrol-IT server:

  • Site setup
  • Employee identification
  • Linking of employees and work sites
  • Definition of irregularity types, arrival, departure, breaks, medical absence etc.
  • Alerts notification definitions
  • Mailing list definition for notifications and alerts


Field System Operation

Field operation of the attendance supervision system is simple and intuitive, capable of operating in one of two ways:

   1.    Attendance reports via the mobile phone of work supervisor

  • The supervisor identifies himself to the Patrol-IT at the beginning of his shift by showing his personal tag or by entering his user code and password through his phone
  • At the end of identification he receives a list of all workers linked to the site
  • Each employee arriving at the site reports his attendance by having his tag read by the supervisor’s phone
  • In addition, the employee specifies the type of report: arriving at or leaving the work site
  • Furthermore, it is possible to report unusual events such as: breaks, medical leave and so forth

   2.   Attendance report through the employee’s mobile phone

  • The employee identifies himself to the Patrol-IT at the beginning of his shift by showing his personal tag or by entering his user code and password through his phone
  • At the end of identification he receives the site or locations he is supposed to be at or visit
  • After arriving at a designated site (a patient’s house for example), the employee reports his attendance by reading the locations tag
  • The employee specifies the type of report: arriving or leaving the work site


All reported data by the employee is sent in real-time to the Patrol-IT servers


Real-time supervision and tracking

All of the data transmitted from the field is recorded and saved on the Patrol-IT servers.  The data is then analyzed in real-time, while automatic notifications will be sent to the specified mailing list according to system definitions, delays in checkpoint visits, alerts, irregularities reported by the employee etc. 

Additionally the system displays the situation of field activities at any given moment through:

  • An active dashboard which displays graphs of all employee activity in the field, worker attendance at specified locations, and notifications and irregularity reports made by employees
  • Reports with various cross analyses of system data such as worker attendance compared to programmed personnel lists, absentees, arrival delays, unvisited locations, reported irregularities etc



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