The Patrol-IT system is the most innovative and advanced system in today’s market for monitoring and managing field workers in real-time.  The system offers the most advanced and optimal solutions in the field.

The system provides a perfect solution for a wide range of applications related to supervision and management of field workers such as: overseeing guards, supervising and managing of maintenance and cleaning staff, managing transportation, verifying employee presence in the field and the office, and more.  Essentially, the system can be used for any application whose purpose is the supervision and management of field workers.

The Patrol-IT system is based on a data-cloud server and a mobile phone application on the side of the field worker user (which can be downloaded from the application store).  The installation processes is not complicated, and there is no need to allocate expensive resources to establish and maintain this system.

The system is simple to operate by users and server operators both, while employing high quality ergonomics and a simple to use user interface; thus allowing for implementation in any organization which needs the system  in a very short period of time.

The system uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for report tracking by reading the tag located on the reported checkpoint.



How it works:





Use any of our apps for field workers to collect data.  All data gets saved in Patrol-IT cloud with secure servers. Managments and authorized users can access this data via Patrol-IT web app from any web browser at any time. Captured data from all devices is synchronized in real time and can be analyzed and reported by reports, emails and dashbord.



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