Patrol-IT system provides municipalities and authorities with a reliable and precise tool for supervising and managing field workers such as inspectors, maintenance technicians and cleaning staff in real-time.

The system is equipped with all of the tools a company requires to manage employees while supervising their activity in real-time from any location at any given moment.  The system allows for complete control over maintenance and inspection sites, checkpoints, work routes, work schedules, periodical shift timetable management. 

The system provides an accurate situation report at all times for inspection sites, workers, visited checkpoints and incoming alerts from the field, all in real-time.  The system allows both managers and field workers to remain constantly connected while sending and receiving reports.


System Purposes

The system is designed for any municipality or authority employing field workers dealing with cleaning and site inspection or maintenance, such as:

  • Parks and public facilities inspectors
  • Cleaning personnel
  • Maintenance technicians
  • Garbage disposal tracking


System Settings

All system settings are set up once on the Patrol-IT server:

  • Site setup
  • Location checkpoints and site maintenance
  • Routes setup
  • Worker identification
  • Creation and maintenance of periodical work programs for work routes and employees
  • Define irregularity types
  • Alert notification definitions
  • Mailing list definition for notifications and alerts


Field System Operation

Field operation of the system by an employee is simple and intuitive, consisting of the following actions:

  • The employee identifies himself to the Patrol-IT at the beginning of a work day by showing the personal tag or by entering the user code and password
  • At the end of identification he receives his intended work route
  • The worker reports the beginning of a route by reading his tag or by writing in the system
  • With arrival at the next maintenance point the worker reports his arrival by reading the location’s tag
  • He has the ability to report unusual events at the checkpoint through the system or by reading designated event tags such as “missing garbage container”, “leaking drinking fountain” and so forth
  • After reporting an unusual event, the system will activate the set action for the event such as email notifications and more
  • Events can be recorded by audio, video or still photographs
  • At any time the employee can activate the panic button for instant connection to the company service center in case of emergency calls. All reported data from the guard is sent in real-time to the Patrol-IT


All reported data from the worker is sent in real-time to the Patrol-IT servers


Real-time supervision and tracking

All of the data is transmitted from the field, recorded and saved on the Patrol-IT servers. The data is analyzed in real-time, while automatic notifications will be sent to the mailing list according to system definitions, delays in checkpoint visits and for alerts, irregularities reported by the employee.

Additionally the system displays the situation of field activities at any given moment through:

  • An active dashboard which displays graphs of all worker activity in the field, route progress rates and notifications and irregularity reports made by active employees
  • Produces reports with various cross analyses of system data such as route completion compared to planned schedules, unvisited points, delays, reported irregularities

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