Vehicle module provides companies a tool to manage and track their fleet more efficiently.  The system displays vehicles historical trips including hours, driver details and mileage, historical events of the car and all forms that were reported for each car.
Beyond the management and monitoring, the system provides solution to many cases where the company wants to know who was driving the vehicle on a particular date or when event occurred, such as:
·        Receiving a summons on a company vehicle on a particular date
·        Reporting an accident in which company vehicle was involved
·        A complaint was filed or event was reported on a company’s vehicle


Supported processes are:

Define all vehicles in the company with their details

Unique vehicle identification by reading vehicle tag, NFC or barcode

Assign a task or driver to a vehicle with an estimated return time

Vehicle registration process, in the server or on the smartphone, of taking and returning the vehicle

Registration and tracking of mileage on the vehicle

Fill and Print car inspection forms

Reporting re-fueling, maintenace and car accidents



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