Multi-purpose – Patrol-IT system is suitable for a wide number of applications of supervision and management of field works without needing additional devices and special fittings

Low cost – by using smartphones and cloud technology

Simplicity – there is no need for special installation or maintenance, uses cloud technology

Instant availability – daily organization, registration, set-up and you can begin working

Survivability – supervision tags (NFC) with years of durability

Event recording – ability to read and write on the tags for the sake of tracking and supervision

Online supervision – supervising field workers in real-time from anywhere in the world

Online- warnings – sends notifications to a mailing list in real-time

Efficiency and output – increases the efficiency and outputs of field workers, estimated by 25%

Saves manpower – increases worker output and allows for personnel cutbacks

Management economy – significant savings in management and supervision of field workers (managers, supervisors, etc.)

Image improvement – improves and strengthens the company’s image as perceived by its clients

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