Patrol-IT Inc. is an international producer and supplier of software products designed for field worker management and supervision.  The company’s products include mobile components able to run on a wide range of smartphone and tablet operating systems as well as cloud-based server components.  The company’s solutions include configuration, development, customization and integration to existing organizational systems owned by the client.

The products developed by the company provide organizations with complete field worker management and supervision solutions.

The flagship product of the company is the Patrol-IT system which provides the perfect solution for a wide range of applications including supervision for guards, cleaning and maintenance personnel, transportation, employee time attendance and more.

Going forward, the company takes care to remain at the technological cutting edge, presenting innovation through the use of the most advanced tools and platforms available in the software world.

The company employs an experienced management and development teams with years of experience in the field.  Patrol-IT serves long-time customers who express constant appreciation of the system and employ it in a wide range of applications.


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Contact us

Patrol-IT Inc.

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