Patrol-IT system server is cloud based, providing management, control and supervision of field workers anywhere in the world.

The server system includes the following elements:

One time setup of all the system components such as: organization settings, sites, checkpoints, routes, users, timed working plans, etc.

Send messages to mailing lists in real-time

  • Report tasks at a checkpoint
  • Warnings of delays at checkpoints or with tasks
  • Warnings of unusual reports from the field
  • Produces analytical and operational reports with various cross analyses

Routes report

  • Employee activity report
  • Route execution vs. plan report
  • Working plan
  • Deviation reports and more

Active graphic control panel (dashboard) updated directly from the field data which includes real data of the activity in the field

  • Work progress rate daily
  • Task progress along set routes
  • Number of routes begun
  • Number of routes completed
  • Field warnings and more

Export data to an external program


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