Patrol-IT Active Dashboard is an active graphic control panel updated directly from the field with real-time data about job related activities for the current working day.  The dashboard is continually updated and will always display data from within the last few minutes.

The dashboard is designed to be easily customized to your company’s specific needs.  Any part of the dashboard can be modified to include only specific and relevant data.  It can also be replaced with another chart or report from a rich preset list of both.  Hence, for each company and separate department, a unique and streamlined dashboard can be easily created.

The Default Active Dashboard consist of the following parts:


Route Progress

Displays all planned routes, their progress, the total number of checkpoints in each route, and the total number of checkpoints already completed.


Employee Follow Up

Displays the latest reported status for each route and employee, their progress, finish time and estimated arrival time.


Last Events Report

Displays the latest reported events from the field


Routes Started

Displays how many planned routes there are and how many have already started.


Routes Finished

Displays how many planned routes there are and how many have already finished.


Last Visits

Displays the last visits performed and any details associated with those visits.



Patrol-IT Live Dashboard makes your real-time information accessible from any computer, laptop, tablet or handheld device




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