Report module consists of several predefined reports.  These reports are general and include most of the customer’s requirements.  In addition, there is an option to build custom reports based on your company’s needs and our analysis.

The Reports screen includes all the reports in the system.  Users can select the desired report and set the relevant parameters.

Patrol-IT reports module contains reports in various formats along with analyses customized to each industry.  These are general reports and include most of the customer’s requirements.  Our easy-to-use report generator makes adding any requested report not already in the list a near immediate and painless process.


This module supports the following options:

  • Select only reports useful to your company from wide range list of reports
  • The ability to print or export reports to Excel, CSV or PDF format
  • Each report can be set to a default value parameter, in order to display only specific and relevant data
  • Schedule unlimited automatic reports to run at regular intervals (daily, weekly, or monthly) and send them via email to any manager in the company, customer or contact list.


Common Reports Our Clients use:


Events ReportThis report displays all events reported by the employees

Event ReiterationThis report displays all events reported by the employees for the same site and checkpoint more than X times

 Planned RoutesDisplay all planned routes per employee or date with their details

Route Execution vs. PlannedDisplay all planned routes per employee.  For each route, the date and time to start the route, total route duration time and number of checkpoints in the route

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